Chips for Backlight

EPISTAR has been working with customers for many products to satisfy Energy Star 8.0. As a critical component of devices backlight, LED chips save 3~6% of power consumption and achieve the blue light ratio lower than 50% required by TÜV Eye Comfort Certification with less efficiency sacrificed and good display performance.


LED Display
Chips for Wide Color Gamut Display



The color and the optical characteristics of LEDs play a key role in the technology development. The color shift, color purity and so on is related to the ability to meet the color gamut specifications of LED display, and the color purity of green light is the most critical. The purity of green light achieves 94 at Wd 527nm by EPISTAR’s patented technology, which is required by the stringent specification, Rec. 2020.


In addition, traditional three-primary color system limits colors to a triangle composed of red, green and blue. In order to reproduce colors closer to nature to improve the image quality, a multi-primary color system using multiple primary colors is adopted to form a polygon area that can cover a wider range of color gamut.




Wide Color Gamut

Flexible Space
Mini LEDs for Flexible Space

Mini LED indicator solution has significant advantages such as more flexibility, small footprint, low power consumption, high product performance, and enhanced user experience through color and animation. Designers can integrate these advantages fully to design better electronic products.


Chips for Comprehensive Sensing Applications

As the Internet of Things (IoT) industry grows, so do the opportunities to utilize sensors. High quality LED chips in the wavelength range of 660~1000nm have been developed and commercialized for sensing applications. Moreover, owing to the rapid growth market of Industry 4.0, healthcare, aerospace, surveillance, automotive, etc., short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) light in the range 1050-1500nm is most critical. LED and PIN photodiode chips of InGaAs/InP can certainly meet the emerging requirement.