EPISTAR LabTM provides services, with our research and development team, to engineers and customers with both general information and project-specific assistance. Our team also provides support and advice regarding system design and implementation, LED component selection, product development tools, and other pertinent design issues. Besides, Epistar LabTM 's major focus is to develop and perfect the mass production of LED chips that will popularize LED general lighting. The leaders of Epistar foresaw LED's dominance in general lighting as early as 1996. This strategic head-start has allowed us to offer superior chips for everyday illumination. Today our lighting advantage is further enhanced by our dedicated research center- the EPISTAR LabTM.

EPISTAR's HV LED Solution for 800/1100 lm Bulb Replacement

High CRI and Ultra High Efficacy for Warm White Lighting Now Easy to Achieve in Smaller and Simpler Designs for Competitive Package.

External Bridge Rectifier

High CRI Warm White Spectrum with Red LED

High efficiency of the CHIP SETS

EPISTAR's LED Solution Helps You Get Closer to the L Prize!