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"Share LED technology with the world" has always been EPISTAR adhere to the belief
Uphold this belief, EPISTAR continued to promote the popularity of LED technology in various applications, so that the benefits of LED technology can be enjoyed in daily life.
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  • 2022

    Aug  HR Asia-Best Companies to Work for in Asia
    Mar  TOSIA Award-Outstanding Product
    Mar  TOSIA Award-Innovative Technology

  • 2021

    Jan  EPISTAR and Lextar had jointly established a joint venture Ennostar Incorporation
           (TW stock code 3714).Meanwhile, EPISTAR is not listed on Taiwan Stock market anymore.

  • 2018

    Dec  EPISTAR strives to actualize III-V semiconductor potential by spinning off Unikorn Semiconductor and Yenrich Technology.

    Oct  Taiwan Excellence 2019 -GaN High Electron Mobility Tansistor for LED lighting application

  • 2017

    Jun  TILS-Outstanding Photonics Product Award : GaN Driver IC

  • 2016

    Apr  Central Taiwan Science Park-Innovative Product Awards 2016: GaN Integrated Circuit

  • 2015

    Aug  Signed Patent cross-license agreement with CREE

    Jun   Outstanding Photonics Product Award : Flexible LED Lighting System.

    May  Merged with TSMCSSL.

  • 2014

    Dec  Acquired FOREPI.

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Product Award : LED Planar Light Source by Lens-less Design.

    Feb  Signed Patent cross-license agreementwith PHILIPS.

    Jan  IR 850nm WPE over 75%

  • 2013

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Products Award : Self-heat Dissipated LED Filament Crystal Bulb.

  • 2012

    Nov  247 lm/W warm white HV LED by EPISTAR lab.

    Nov  Acquired HUGA

  • 2011

    Nov  216 lm/W warm white HV LED by EPISTAR lab.

  • 2010

    Jul   Established JV with TOYODA GOSEI

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Products Award : Warm White LED.

    Jan  Partner with Nan Ya Photonics, Teckore, Huga..

  • 2009

    Nov  Industrial Excellence Award : EPISTAR Corporation.

    Oct   HV LED product launch.

    Jul    AC LED product launch.

    Mar  Outstanding Contribution in Science and Technology : Chairman B.J. Lee.

  • 2008

    Mar  High power nitride LED product launch.

  • 2007

    Dec  Excellence Award for Innovative Corporation : EPISTAR Corporation.

    Mar  Merger with Epitech.

  • 2006

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Products : High Power Green LED.

  • 2005

    Dec  Merger with UEC

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Products : High Power UV LED.

  • 2004

    Jul  1W 4-element LED product launch.

  • 2003

    Jun  Outstanding Photonics Products : ITO Based InGaN LED.

  • 2002

    Dec  Innovative Product Award : High Intensity InGaN LED.

  • 2001

    Oct  Distinction Award in Technology Development : EPISTAR Corporation.

    May  IPO listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

  • 2000

    Apr  Nitride LED product launch.

  • 1997

    Nov  4-element LED product launch.

  • 1996

    Sep  Established in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park in Taiwan.