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05.24 2024

Ennostar Announces High-Level Appointment

Ennostar Inc. (hereafter referred to as Ennostar) announced its high-level personnel changes today (May 24). Following Ennostar’s Board of Directors resolution, Mr. Patrick Fan, President of its subsidiary EPISTAR Corporation (hereafter referred to as EPISTAR), and Dr. Terry Tang, President of Lextar Electronics Corporation (hereafter referred to as Lextar) will be swapping roles, effective July 1, 2024. Additionally, Mr. BY Chang will step down as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Spokesperson of Ennostar effective immediately, with Mr. Jerry Liu taking over the position.

Under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Paul Peng, Ennostar is actively driving the transformation of its core value, “One Ennostar,” by advancing its business strategies, organizational integration, and talent development. This senior management rotation aims to strengthen upstream and downstream collaboration, accelerating the "3+1" long-term development strategy. This strategy strives to enhance the group's technological and product positioning in the automotive, advanced display, and smart sensing markets, as well as emerging sectors. In late 2023, the group established the "Talent Development Committee," dedicated to the sustainable development of group talent, enhancing capabilities, and revitalizing the organization to adapt swiftly to the dynamic environment. Through this rotation, Mr. Fan and Dr. Tang will extend their expertise into different market applications, technological development, operational planning, strategy, and execution, gaining more comprehensive integration experience. This move is expected to not only foster collaboration and mutual success but also to further elevate the “One Ennostar” competitiveness in the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries.

Mr. Fan possesses extensive management experience in the optoelectronics industry, having held key positions in production, logistics management, quality, and marketing. As President of EPISTAR, he led the company to move beyond the previous price competition in the LED industry, optimizing the product mix and leveraging the resources of the parent group Ennostar to 

strategically position next-generation display technology, Micro LED, in collaboration with clients across advanced display, smart sensing, and automotive sectors to develop marketable applications.

Dr. Tang is familiar with LED epitaxial wafers and chip technology as well as the manufacturing field. During his tenure at Lextar, he was responsible for driving smart supply chain initiatives, integrating upstream and downstream resources, developing advanced technologies, overseeing the backlight product business, and managing the construction and operation of manufacturing facilities in China. He has accumulated rich leadership experience in process R&D, production and supply chain management, business operations, and more. In recent years, he has led Lextar in implementing key optoelectronics module projects for major European and American clients in the automotive market, a focus area of the group's "3+1" strategy.

Furthermore, the CFO and Spokesperson roles within Ennostar will also see changes, with Mr. Jerry Liu taking over from Mr. BY Chang. The group extends its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chang for his contributions as CFO, aiding in financial transformation and maintaining a healthy financial structure, which has consistently placed Ennostar among the top 5% in Taiwan's Corporate Governance Evaluation. The Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Mr. Liu as the new CFO and Spokesperson. Mr. Liu has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in the optoelectronics industry and international financial management, and his expertise is expected to significantly support the company's financial development.

Ennostar believes that through the internal rotation of senior executives, the synergy of the “One Ennostar” integration will be further enhanced. Leveraging the talents and experiences of senior managers will foster new perspectives and ideas, more efficiently driving technological innovation and development in the "3+1" fields, positioning Ennostar as a comprehensive provider of integrated optoelectronic solutions.