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04.23 2024

Ennostar Focuses on Core Optoelectronics Technologies to Showcase Innovation at Touch Taiwan

Ennostar Inc. (TWSE: 3714, hereafter referred to as Ennostar) will exhibit at Touch Taiwan from April 24th to April 26th, 2024, under the theme 'Drive Enlightening Innovation.' The showcase will feature forward-looking products and technologies based on Ennostar's expertise in III-V compound semiconductor optoelectronics materials, targeting automotive, advanced display, and smart sensing fields.

Comprehensive Automotive Lighting Solutions to Meet Diverse OEM Needs

Ennostar is one of Taiwanese suppliers capable of meeting comprehensive automotive lighting demands. Through close collaboration with partners, Ennostar has successfully integrated multiple products into actual vehicle models and is actively developing in automotive lighting, display, and sensing domains. At this exhibition, Ennostar will present a diverse range of automotive products and solutions, including multi-zone matrix headlights and digital control ambient interior lights. The matrix headlights feature high-performance LEDs that can be individually controlled to avoid direct glare on pedestrians and project images or text to enhance driving condition recognition. The ambient lights equipped with LED D65 settings, featuring color accuracy and temperature compensation for red, green, blue LEDs, maintain consistent color effects across different environments. Regarding automotive displays, Ennostar will exhibit high-brightness, low-power Micro LED transparent displays with over 65% transmittance, suitable for flexible and lightweight vehicle interior designs, and thin multi-zone dimming display backlights using CSP technology for enhanced display efficiency and contrast. Ennostar's DMS (Driving Monitoring System) minimizes driver visual distraction through customized, optimized optical designs, providing a safer driving experience across various vehicle types, cabins, and driving scenarios. Ennostar, as a comprehensive light source provider, is committed to bringing revolutionary developments to the automotive industry.

Strong R&D Capabilities Leading Visionary Innovations

With its profound R&D capabilities, Ennostar continuously drives display product innovations and leads breakthroughs in vision technologies. At Touch Taiwan, Ennostar will showcase advanced display technologies categorized into non-near-eye and near-eye displays. The non-near-eye display zone includes low blue light LED backlight technology compliant with TÜV Blue Light Standard 2, reducing eye fatigue for prolonged efficient use. Additionally, he direct-lit Mini LED COB backlight, equipped with 2000-zone dimming technology, perfectly showcases screen contrast and details, while also achieving energy-saving effects. The exhibit also encompasses Micro LED solutions like COC1+and i-PixelTM in non-near-eye displays for various applications. The near-eye display section will present diverse VR display light source solutions and futuristic Micro LED AR technologies. This year's breakthrough in Micro LED chip technology features Monolithic Array Chip (MAC), integrating RGB colors into a single chip, simplifying the manufacturing process, accelerating production schedules, and addressing efficiency issues with native red light at small scales and voltage differences among red, blue, and green lights.

Reliable Smart Sensing Partner with Globally Leading Performance

Amid the flourishing AI era and rising health consciousness, smart sensing functionalities are diversifying. As a globally leading supplier of smart sensing components, Ennostar is highly favored by major brands for its full-spectrum product line and outstanding quality and performance. At this exhibition, Ennostar demonstrates its diverse smart sensing capabilities, including the integration of LED chips into TWS earbuds and the industry's smallest integrated PPG sensor SiP, combining heart rate, blood oxygen, and temperature measurement functions while maintaining earbud comfort and aesthetics. Besides TWS, exhibited products cover high-brightness light source sensing solutions for smart watches and smart rings, as well as the highly discussed SWIR optical blood glucose measurement technology, showcasing the highly developed optical smart sensing.

Ennostar showcases comprehensive light source technologies and products at Touch Taiwan, highlighting its leading position in the optoelectronics field and R&D capabilities in automotive, advanced display, and smart sensing. Ennostar will continue its commitment to 'Drive Enlightening Innovation,' continuously driving technological and product innovations, and providing superior solutions to customers, promoting industry development.

Event Details:

Date: April 24th (Wed.) to April 26th (Fri.), 2024, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F

Booth Number: M802