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04.19 2024

Ennostar Embarks on Infinite Possibilities of Micro LED for Automotive Applications

Micro LED displays, renowned for their outstanding features such as high brightness and transmittance, are hailed as the ultimate display technology. The future applications across various domains are highly anticipated, especially in automotive application, where the prospects are limitless. As a leader in comprehensive optoelectronic integration solutions, Ennostar (TWSE: 3714) is committed to providing one-stop solutions from chips to modules. In recent years, Ennostar has invested heavily in the Micro LED field and made significant progress. Not only has the uniformity of COW continued to improve, but Ennostar has also tailored solutions such as COC and wafer-level packaging technologies (i-PixelTM/ i-Pixel+ TM) to meet diverse applications.

The excellent characteristics of Micro LED will gradually be realized in various spaces and applications within future vehicles. This includes high-transparency side window displays with touchscreen capabilities for entertainment, online video conferencing, and other interactive functions. The unique flexible advantage of Micro LED displays can be utilized as the rollable displays for cabin design, providing vehicles with more flexible usage spaces. Moreover, there are two different Micro LED application technologies for head-up displays (HUD), including high-brightness and small-area projection light sources head-up displays (HUD) and transparent panoramic head-up displays (P-HUD), both of which will bring more possibilities to future vehicles. In addition to in-vehicle displays, Micro LED's small size can be used to create finer small-area projection light sources. In recent years, luxury car models have been equipped with matrix headlights (ADB) with over 10,000 zones. As Micro LED technology continues to mature, automakers are expected to apply it to more affordable models, optimizing the function of delivering information externally, thereby promoting the introduction of LEVEL3 regulations and autonomous cars.

Ennostar is confident in the development of Micro LED for automotive applications and continues to aim for mass production, actively investing in research and development with partners. To expedite the production schedule, the uniformity of COW for this year will be significantly improved compared to 2023. In addition to focusing on the uniformity of COW, 

Ennostar has developed COC1+, which utilizes AI sorting technology to achieve high uniformity, ensuring the quality of Micro LED displays, enhancing customer production efficiency and product quality, and shortening the production schedule. Furthermore, Ennostar has pioneered 'low-carbon process' wafer-level packaging technology, integrating Micro LED and Micro IC into a single 0202 RGB package, evolving the exclusive patented i-PixelTM driving mode from passive to active (referred to as i-Pixel+ TM), fully leveraging the low energy consumption characteristics of LED, making it the most suitable for high-brightness and stable display applications.

Ennostar believes that with the increasing demand for autonomous cars and smart cockpits, Micro LED is poised to become one of the mainstream display technologies for future vehicles. Taiwan possesses a leading advantage in the Micro LED supply chain, and through close cooperation within the supply chain, the acceleration of technological development and cost reduction is anticipated. Ennostar will showcase the integration of Micro LED technology with smart cockpits at Touch Taiwan exhibition from April 24th to 26th, demonstrating confidence in the Micro LED market.

✦ Information about Ennostar showcase at Touch Taiwan exhibition:

   Date: April 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024

   Time: 10:00 – 17:00

   Location: 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1

   Booth Number:M802

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