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04.18 2024

Ennostar Accelerates Deployment as Automotive Sensing Markets Heats Up

Ennostar (TWSE: 3714), a globally renowned leader in optoelectronic solutions, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive optoelectronic solutions from epitaxy to modules, spanning automotive, smart sensing, advanced displays, and other fields. In automotive sensing, Ennostar has numerous successful implementation cases and is accelerating its deployment to meet the growing demand for in-vehicle sensing technology. Ennostar Group has already begun deep collaborations with European and American automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 companies in automotive sensing-related products and technologies, with promising outcomes soon to follow.

With the continuous development of automotive technology and support from safety regulations, automotive sensing technology is becoming increasingly crucial for automotive safety, intelligence, and automation. Specifically, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) and Occupant Monitoring Systems (OMS) are garnering significant attention. To address industry challenges such as fixed-point installation for DMS/OMS and light source blind spots, Ennostar's products offer rectangular illumination to provide seamless coverage. These products feature customizable and optimized optical designs tailored to different vehicle types, cabins, and driver scenarios. Furthermore, to reduce visual interference caused by DMS, Ennostar has developed a special low red glow technology that reduces 2/3 of the visual light source, effectively enhancing road safety. Additionally, Ennostar's OMS products can switch according to actual passenger conditions and automatically enhance light sources during passenger movements, thereby improving accuracy.

The diverse sensing demands are attracting more related companies to focus on the automotive market. As a leader in optoelectronic solutions, Ennostar leverages professional collaborations among group companies, possessing many leading technologies and advantages in the sensing field. Ennostar looks forward to showcasing more new products and technologies at the Touch Taiwan exhibition from April 24th to 26th.

✦ Information about Ennostar showcase at Touch Taiwan exhibition:

Date: April 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Location: 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1

Booth Number:M802

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