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03.14 2024

EPISTAR Announces to Continue its Participation in the "2024 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance"

By embracing talents, we can do better. Talent sustainability has always been our priority. In order to create a more diverse, equal and inclusive workplace, EPISTAR announced its continued response to join the '2024 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance'

This year, we promise to do the following things for our talents:

1. Actively recruit people with disabilities and those from diverse ethnic groups based on the principle of “the right fit for the right job,” thereby promoting collaboration among individuals from different nationalities, cultures, and races and adhering to internationally recognized labor rights in an endeavor to provide a suitable and friendly workplace for all talents

2. Value positive labor relations and have established multiple and open communication channels within the organization to maintain flexible and positive communication, and are willing to listen to employees’ voices and provide feedback and assistance

3. Care about employees' compensation, benefits, and career development and provide employees with internal equity and external competitiveness compensation

4. Provide diversified welfare measures, taking into account employees’ differentiated needs and value choices

5. Provide a comprehensive healthcare system and implement various health management activities and establish healthy and independent management of life attitudes and actions among colleagues to create a healthy atmosphere in the workplace

6. Provide diversified and abundant training resource channels to stimulate employees' potential and enhance professional capabilities, make continued efforts to identify and develop key talents by establishing a succession pipeline, and stimulate employees’ motivation to learn and promote individual and organizational growth

We will continue to support through actions and promote initiatives with #天下學習, #Cheers快樂⼯作⼈, #⼈才永續頻道, and 400+ alliance partners to create a better future for every worker.

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