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01.23 2024

EPISTAR Corporation Announces Resolution Of Patent Litigation With, Inc.

EPISTAR Corporation (“EPISTAR”), a subsidiary of Ennostar (TWSE: 3714), announced today that it agreed to resolve its patent infringement litigation against, Inc. (“Amazon”), which was pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. Under undisclosed terms of the resolution, EPISTAR has agreed to dismiss the litigation. This resolution protects EPISTAR's investment in the research and development of advanced LED technologies.

The lawsuit alleged that certain 43” and 50” 4-Series and Omni Series televisions infringed EPISTAR’s light-emitting diode (“LED”) patents including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,705,344, 9,530,934, 10,199,542, 10,505,076, 9,257,604, 10,181,549, 10,522,715, 9,293,656, 9,893,257, 10,038,129, 8,963,123, 9,425,362, 7,821,026.

EPISTAR, a leading brand in global LED epitaxy and chip supply, has reached a resolution involving a total of 13 patents. The patents cover a range of critical technologies, including patterned sapphire substrates, epitaxy, transparent conductive layers, and metal electrodes, used from chips to LED backlight modules.

With a total of over 4,500 issued patents and pending patent applications, EPISTAR demonstrates its expertise and meticulous approach to securing patents for product technology. This resolution not only reinforces the external recognition of the importance of intellectual property in product technology but also encourages the company to pursue further technological development and product innovation.