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08.30 2022

EPISTAR joins the “TALENT, in Taiwan Alliance”!

The cultivation and development of human resources have always been an important operational development goal for EPISTAR.

To strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's talent, in response to the ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) wave of the future and the importance of global companies on the social responsibility of talent.

EPISTAR officially announced to join "TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance"!


We are committed to the following six aspects of talent sustainability and actions that will help Taiwan's society remain sustainable and competitive in the face of the declining birthrate.


1. Meaning and value

EPISTAR adheres to the core value, “Actualize LED Potential”, taking the initiative to implement high-tech and high-quality technology in application. We commit to reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. 2020 was the first year of voluntary. Employees actively engage in voluntary programs led by executives. Moreover, the 10-hour paid leave for voluntary is available for each employee as an encouragement for public welfare. We will keep giving back to society.

2. Diversity and Inclusion

EPISTAR positively uses multiple recruiting channels to attract outstanding talents. Moreover, we aim to protect employees’ human right and individual privacy, prohibit discrimination and implement “Zero Placement Fee” for migrant workers. We dedicate to supporting every employee to fit in the right place and create a friendly workplace.

3. Organizaiton Communication

EPISTAR establishes diverse communication channels for open communication and consultation. Employee Relation Department was built in 2007 to make employees feel psychological safety and maintain high performance. By means of full-scope communication mechanisms, we listen to employees and give effective feedback.

4. Rewards and Incentives

EPISTAR enforces a consistent pay policy which is based on education, experience, performance and market mechanism. There is no difference in salary due to age, gender, race, color, religion, political party, marital status or disability. We offer salary raise depending on experience, performance, job responsibility and potential as an incentive for employees.

5. Physical and Mental Health

EPISTAR has been dedicated to building an occupational health management system for years. Besides holding creative and diverse health campaigns, we monitor the index of health risk assessment and customize risk management plans in healthcare. We will continue providing and improving health service and quality by carrying out health promotion campaigns. Establishing self-management of health behavior is critical for fostering a healthy work environment and preventing potential hazards and risks. EPISTAR sincerely cares about employees’ health conditions.

6. Talent Growth

With the core value, “Honesty, Innovation, Agility, Inclusion,”EPISTAR sets up a complete training policy and procedure. EPISTAR Academy, founded in 2020, is consistent with annual corporate strategies and requirements and establishes five colleges, including Science, Engineering, Quality and General, Leadership, and Sustainability. Employees can arrange courses based on their requirements through various learning channels. The training system and e-learning platform of EPISTAR are not only comprehensive and high-quality but also honored with TTQS silver medal in consecutive years. We dedicate to offering an outstanding training program, enhancing employees and organization’s knowledge and skills simultaneously, and cultivating elite employees in the LED industry.

Next, we will continue to promote and advocate with "Common Wealth Learning", "Cheers", and 100 companies in Taiwan, hoping that in the near future, through the project of talent cultivation, every worker can feel the power of talent cultivation, enhance their competencies, and create better career development and future.