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08.30 2022

EPISTAR Honored as Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022

EPISTAR Honored as Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022


EPISTAR, the leading brand among LED epi and die suppliers around the world, stands out from 330 companies and wins the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022"! This award is organized by the international authoritative human resources journal "HR Asia", a reliable award in Asia's human resource management field. 

"We devote ourselves to building a diverse and healthy workplace that create work-life balance and enables everyone to feel comfortable being themselves at work. We will continue maintaining a positive working environment and making improvements together," said Patrick Fan, CEO of EPISTAR.

EPISTAR has valued resource integration and a healthy workplace for many years. It aims to create a diverse, respectful corporate teamwork culture with transparent communication and high performance. Therefore, we sincerely care about employee’s opinions and offer various communication channels, such as employee suggestion box, labor-management meeting and anonymous President's mailbox. Staff can raise opinions in the company anytime, so labor and management can build a strong trust in the workplace. Besides, EPISTAR has a competitive reward and leave system for greater flexibility, autonomy and perfect work-life balance. During functional training, we offer diverse courses and all-round training resources, and devote ourselves to helping unlock employee potential, building expertise and achieving career growth. Each employee is essential to support the company to move forward and gain and develop simultaneously. 

As one of the major subsidiaries of Ennostar group, EPISTAR and group partners proactively put ESG into practice. Besides helping disadvantaged groups and doing our bit for the society, we hope to mitigate environmental impact via green product and manufacturing. In the future, EPISTAR not only focuses on its own business but also devotes itself to three high value-added application markets, including next generation display technology, sensor and automotive. EPISTAR expects to offer a better LED solution to clients with leading technologies, completed patent portfolios, superior quality and group resources. Meanwhile, it creates an indispensable market position and begins a new chapter in the industry.