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11.12 2020

The Board of Directors approved the consolidated financial report for the third quarter of 2020.

1.Date of the financial reports submitted to the board of

directors or approved by the board of directors:2020/11/12

2.Date of the financial reports approved by the audit committee:2020/11/12

3.Year/Quarter of financial reports:2020 Q3

4.Accumulated operating revenue in the reporting period

(thousand NTD):10,249,779

5.Accumulated gross profit (loss) from operations in the

reporting period (thousand NTD):(619,019)

6.Accumulated net operating income (loss) in the reporting period

(thousand NTD):(3,394,315)

7.Accumulated profit (loss) before tax in the reporting period

 (thousand NTD):(3,727,133)

8.Accumulated profit (loss) during the period attributable to

owners of parent in the reporting period (thousand NTD):(3,504,573)

9.Accumulated basic earnings (loss) per share in the

reporting period (NTD):(3.25)

10.Total assets end of the reporting period (thousand NTD):60,038,536

11.Total liabilities end of the reporting period

(thousand NTD):15,794,780

12.Equity attributable to owners of parent end of the

reporting period (thousand NTD):41,929,128

13.Any other matters that need to be specified:None